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Sweden's most trusted health self-testing concept comes to the UK

Started in Sweden

Werlabs’ service is a self-care tool intended to provide health awareness to our individual customers. Comments to the analyses are provided by Swedish physicians based in Sweden.

Werlabs services are not to be considered as full medical advice, second opinion or a substitute for public or private healthcare.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible knowledge of how you can improve your health in both the short and the long term.

We shall provide this service simply and cost-effectively through constant innovation, utilising and developing new technology and new analyses. Our ambition is to achieve a healthier society, where individuals have the knowledge and the motivation to take responsibility for their own health.

William Stoddart


Will's background is in financial software and the implementation of major IT projects. He has been enormously passionate about evidence-based medicine for many years, with emphasis on the merging of health and technology. Will studied at the University of Durham.

Werlabs Medical Team


Our Medical Team is composed of British and Swedish doctors. They all share a fascination for the detective work of blood sciences, and how emerging technologies have the potential to revolutionise healthcare. Our doctors make sure that all tests on offer from Werlabs are evidence-based and of clinical relevance.

Knowledge changes everything

Our guiding principle is "knowledge changes everything" because we believe that individuals are capable of studying complex information and gaining insight into their own health situation. Knowledge is a powerful medicine, you don’t have to wait until you feel sick to take charge of your health.

Understanding different aspects of health provides motivation and inspiration, and encourages people to take action to improve their health.