Cardiovascular Disease

Why do we test cardiovascular (heart) disease?

In many cases, major endemic diseases (such as heart diseases and diabetes) are a result of our lifestyles.

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be prevented if detected early and the most serious consequences can be avoided.

Checking and monitoring blood sugar and blood lipids are simple but powerful ways of checking whether you are about to develop some kind of disease before any symptoms appear.

By the time symptoms appear, the disease is often well advanced and considerably more difficult to deal with than if action had been taken earlier on. Therefore, it is extremely important to intercept negative trends early on if you want to minimise the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

How do we test cardiovascular (heart) disease?

Liver and kidney function are important indicators and can help to identify any changes for which help and treatment may be needed.

If you have high blood lipids AND elevated blood pressure, these are the single biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease, i.e. heart attack and stroke.

Blood lipids are affected by our lifestyles; diet and exercise, but also smoking and hereditary factors. Blood lipids can be monitored before, during and after major lifestyle changes, diets or new exercise routines, so that you can see how much your own efforts can change things for the better.

Following your Werlabs test, you will see the results of the test and reference levels, so you can see whether your scores are high, normal or low. High blood lipids are a major risk factor in cardiovascular disease.

We check both "good" and "bad" cholesterol and apolipoproteins as well, giving a good indication of the potential risk of a future heart attack.

The following markers are tested to indicate if a person is at risk of cardiovascular disease

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