Why do we test for Diabetes?

In many cases, major endemic diseases are a result of our lifestyles. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are diseases that can be prevented if detected early and the most serious consequences can be avoided. Checking and monitoring your blood sugar or blood lipids are easy and powerful ways of keeping track of where you are heading: towards health, or towards disease. In your lifestyle group, it is also possible to check liver and kidney function, both of which may help to identify any pathological changes for which help and treatment may be needed.

Type 2 diabetes is a consequence of excessively high blood sugar over too long a period. In turn, high blood sugar is a consequence of lifestyle and excessive carbohydrate intake but also stress, which releases high levels of glucose from the liver. There is also a hereditary component that can be more or less prominent. High blood sugar damages the vessels and nerves, leading in the long term to cardiovascular disease, poor wound healing as a consequence of impaired circulation, nerve and eye damage and blindness. You can monitor your blood sugar over time and see how changes you make to your life affect your levels. You can also check your blood sugar levels occasionally if you are concerned or think you may have type 2 diabetes.

There are two markers for detecting high blood sugar, both a fasting level and a long-term blood sugar level which reflects your level months ago.

Following your Werlabs test, you will see the results of the test and reference levels, so you can see whether your scores are high, normal or low. High blood glucose levels are a major factor for poor health.

Available in our Diabetes test

Also available nationwide in our home tests.

The following markers are tested to indicate whether people are at risk of diabetes

How Werlabs works

Werlabs offers health checks via blood analysis in collaboration with NHS and UKAS accredited labs. Order blood tests that suit your needs and then go to a local NHS clinic or schedule a home visit, anywhere in the UK. Expect your first results within 24 hours.

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