Healthier employees - happier performers

Healthy employees are happier, more productive, more easily retained and take fewer sick days, allowing companies to perform at their best.

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The stress of work and unhealthy lifestyles are compromising the health of employees. It’s no surprise that one in three employees feels constantly tired and worn out. Further, as many as 35% of employees are at risk of developing serious chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Health checks with Werlabs uncover current and future health risks and actionable strategies to overcome them.

Werlabs is trusted by companies across the UK and Nordics.

Jacob de Geer iZettle

Our employees’ health and well-being has always been extremely important to us. With Werlabs, we offer them a service that is highly appreciated and super simple to use. I share Werlabs’ belief that health analysis and preventive actions are the key to long-term well-being.

– Jacob De Geer, CEO of iZettle

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Why work with Werlabs?

Werlabs empowers employees and companies to take action

  • Understand your company’s health profile: Werlabs’ anonymized health reports help you understand the specific health risks facing your employees.
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs: To directly prevent ill health and sick leave, give employees the access to knowledge so they can impact and prevent future lifestyle related diseases.
  • Engage your employees: Staff greatly appreciate Werlabs’ health analysis and feel cared for by their employer. We can also work with you to design ‘health competitions’ that motivate different teams and divisions in your company to improve their health over time.
  • Save time: We administer the service on site and sampling takes 10 minutes per employee.

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Werlabs at iZettle Werlabs at iZettle
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