Know more about yourself.

We provide comprehensive blood testing for people up and down the UK. Our tests are analysed by NHS and UKAS accredited labs to ensure you get the health insights you need to be proactive about your health.

Our in house doctor team provide comments and feedback on your results all within a secure online journal viewable via mobile or desktop. There are no test kits, no hidden costs. Just professional venous blood draws from the comfort of your home or work by a qualified phlebotomist.

How it works

Understand what’s going on inside your body with medical data – quickly and securely.

Order your desired blood test online.
No hidden costs.

Take a blood test at home or at one of clinic locations.
No test kits required.

Get your results quickly and securely with qualified doctors interpreting your results.

Take control and order a At Home Nurse Visit today.

Blood Test Advanced

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Not convinced?

We can't promise that your health will improve by simply using our product. But we can promise you easy access to your personal health data so you can track how your changes in diet or exercise affect your most important markers for lifestyle-related diseases.

Also, do you really need those supplements? If you stop taking your supplements 2-3 weeks before the test, you will see what your levels look like without supplements and then you will know if and what you really need.

Why use Werlabs?

Manage your health
Manage my health

Keep track of my health and prevent lifestyle related diseases.

Improve performance
Improve performance

My goal is to improve my health, fitness or athletic performance.

Track conditions
Track conditions

I have an existing condition and want to improve tracking and care.

Improve life quality
Enhance my quality of life

I want to increase my healthspan over time by leading a healthier lifestyle.

How will my result be delivered?

Your results will be delivered to your personal online journal. They will consist of an overview of your results, individual graphs for each result with a doctors analysis of what the results mean and their recommendations.

What do our users say about us?

We try to exceed expectations. Read about what our users say about us here.

Blood Test XL

Or choose from one of our other 12 tests.