Blood Test XL

Or choose from one of our other 12 tests.

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Manage your health
Manage my health

Keep track of my health and prevent lifestyle related diseases.

Improve performance
Improve performance

My goal is to improve my health, fitness or athletic performance.

Track conditions
Track conditions

I have an existing condition and want to improve tracking and care.

Improve life quality
Enhance my quality of life

I want to increase my healthspan over time by leading a healthier lifestyle.

Blood Test XL

Or choose from one of our other 12 tests.

How it works

Our health checks are carried out in partnership with NHS or UKAS-accredited laboratories. The results of your health checks, together with a qualified doctor's comment, are posted to your secure online journal. You can login anytime to view your health check analysis and access information about your results.

Understand what’s going on inside your body with medical data – quickly and securely.

Order your desired blood test online.

Take a blood test at a local NHS GP surgery or at home.
No test kits required.

Get your results quickly and securely with qualified doctors interpreting your results.

Why analyse your blood?

  • Take responsibility for your health today and in the future - Understand different aspects of your health to motivate, inspire and encourage yourself to take action to improve your health.
  • Get reference values for future analyses - See the impact that lifestyle choices have on your health, for example a change of diet or a new exercise programme.
  • Know if you are at risk of certain diseases - Many of our users get results indicating the likelihood of ongoing metabolic disease or increased risk for future disease.
  • Have a better dialogue with your doctor - Choose what you want to test, and then share the results with your doctor.
  • Access your health data from anywhere - Access your confidential results securely online, with insights and advice from doctors.

Over 1,000,000 analyses processed and counting

4.5/5 reviews

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"I have used this service and recommend it. Fast, convenient and good service!"

★★★★★ – Stefan Sahlin

"Good and serious, and the test results came within the promised time! I even got a doctors comment."

★★★★★ – Erica Johansson

"Convenient to take the tests, received the results the following day. Will be interesting to follow my values over time."

★★★★★ – Ami Sandberg

Blood Test XL

Or choose from one of our other 12 tests.