Our Blood Tests


  • Blood Test XL

    Our largest and most popular package consisting of 45 separate analyses. This provides a comprehensive health check that analyses many health factors, helping you get motivated and inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Clinic Test

  • Stress Hormone Test

    The "Stress Hormone" cortisol is vital to your health with dire consequences if you have too high or low levels over an extended period of time. Test your cortisol here.

    Offer: Use discount code CORTXL when buying the Stress Hormone Test in combination with a clinic blood test and get it for only £19

    Clinic Test

  • Blood Test Essential

    Our Essential package offers you a good overview of your health quickly and easily, at a great price. This package contains 25 separate analyses, an extensive selection compared to traditional health checks.

    Clinic Test

  • Testosterone Test (men only)

    Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in men. It is responsible for the physical characteristics of the male. Testosterone is found in the blood of both men and women, understand your levels with this test.

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